Bullying behavior is a problem for all of our children. Bullying behavior can start as early as preschool and persist into adulthood. Approximately one-third of children will be victimized by bullying. A majority of children will witness bullying of their friends and peers. Many children suffer in silence. Many children do not know how to respond. Children who bully often have significant social, behavioral and legal problems later in life.

Let us work together Against Bullying.

  • The most successful bullying interventions include strong parent involvement.
  • Bullying behavior is reduced when schools have strong prevention programs.
  • Bullying behavior is reduced when other kids, those who are bystanders, intervene and stand up and become upstanders┬áto the bullying behavior.
  • Children who bully need to be held accountable and often need help to change this pattern of behavior.

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