Disgusted by the American flag

Was it not  the United States government that took part in slavery?  Was it not our ancestors who rebuilt the White house as slaves? United States Presidents owned slaves. Was it not the American government that decided/agreed that people of color did not have the right to be free or have equal rights because they thought of us as less then human. America has rejected us from being treated equal from past to present. Knowing and understanding the hateful ways of America, we should look at America with Disgust.

The people except the government to protect them from harmful events, but what if they are allowing them without our knowledge. This is what you call a act of conspiracy. Why would they you might ask…. its all about Power and wealth. And to maintain it, they will bring war, depression, revolution and etc.

There are two different ways at looking at history….

The accidental view and the conspiratorial view.


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