Montu University : Afrakan Defence

The Craft on Montu is a program that is serving the Coachella Valley is offered by Mobile Natural Industries, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that provides naturopathic wellness fitness programs to underserved communities.

The Craft of Montu upholds actions based upon being wellness advocates of Love through helping self, especially the underserved communities.  The Craft of Montu also prepares efficient practicing advocates of natural laws of self-preservation, self-sustainment and preparedness.

The Craft of Montu is a raised degree performed at Kemet’s Ramsesu III’s Temple by Grandmaster Teachers Tejedy Ashra and MeriRa Kwesi. Earned by an initiate mastering self and doing works to help make the world a better place.  The initiate ust complete the curriculum constructed by Montu University of Afrakan Defense’s Presiding Dean Dr. Ahmses Maat.


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