Muhammad Ali

Let us tell the story correctly, when we speak about the Great Muhammad Ali. Ali was a revolutionary who wasn’t afraid to standup for the things he believed in. He spoke about the racism America displays daily. Ali made it very clear that our people rich or pool are not treated equal in America. America wanted to put Ali in the army to weaken his strong spirit, but Ali was to smart for that. Ali told the Government hell no.

“I’m not going to help nobody get something the Negros don’t have. If I’m going to die, I’ll die right now, right here fighting you. You are my enemy. My enemy are white people, not no Chinese, no Vietcong, no Japanese. You are my opposer when I want freedom. You my opposer when I want justice. You my opposer when I want quality. You wont even standup for me in America for my religious believes and you want me to go somewhere and fight, but you won’t even standup for me at home.”

African Beauty

If you cannot see your true self in the past, how can you take back anything that was stolen from you? The worst thing you can do to a ace of people is to rob them of the memory of themselves

The American system teaches about little if any at all, the greatness of Blackness. Most of the time students are taught about the black race being enslaved. but not taught about the black race being kings, queens and pharaohs from when we came from. The American school system doesn’t teach much if any the true history of the Black race, leaving black children to start feeling invisible. Not only do black children start to feel invisible in history, but also in the present.

The more our true history isn’t told/heard from our own people, the more invisible we become. Europeans/whites have always tried to place themselves in our history. (Examples: Egypt true name is Kemet. The movie Hourus Gods Of Egypt) These Are reasons that griots are so important. Our griots responsibility   is to pass down our true history to each generation.

Our children should know who the original Black panthers are and what they stood for?

Our children should have read or be reading the auto bio of Malcolm x. Every black child should know what Marcus Garvey was about. The blackness that actually fought for us, spoke true for us where murdered for standing up for the black race. These are the people American wants us to forget about, And how are they going to pull it off? Through our children!

The radio stations don’t play KRS-ONE, X-CLAN, nor RAKIM. The radio stations are not playing artist Lupe Fiasco because the message in the lyrics hold to much knowledge and it makes our people think.

When we stop thinking, someone else will think for us!

If we pay close attention to history, it’s clear to see American wasn’t and still isn’t designed for the black race to be successful nor true greatness of our full potential.


There are very grave consequences in not honoring the ancestors.

Europians in Amerikkka have todays Afrikans who live there as the children from the Slave trade thinking that the Afrikans who live in the Motherland are a different race and are bsckwards.
We do not  honor our own Ancient Afrikan Ancestors as “We” should.

We must learn to “Honor” our Afrikan ancestors and bring about justice by Uniting, Organising and most of All,…Learning the knowlege of Self, and “Take Back” what is rightfuly the Afrikans place in the Earth as it’s Care Takers and protectors.

History has been re-wrote, meaning: The Europian’s have taken Afrikans place in history by changing the truth and distorting everything for the love of Greed and to satisfy unchecked appitites of lust for Power at any cost to the Earth and it’s Origenal People.

May the spirits of the ancestors continue to bless us with the Light of understanding.

Our history didn’t begin in chains!