New Black-Owned Smart Shoe Line Has Bluetooth Capabilities That Can Connect to Smart Phones and Tablets

Babajide Ipaye, founder of Keexs Smart Shoes
(center) Entrepreneur Jide Ipaye, founder of the Keexs smart shoe

Move over Nike and make room for Keexs, an Africa-inspired unisex footwear brand and the first smart shoe in Africa that has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even more importantly, the new sneakers brand creates jobs and also helps poor people in Nigeria.

Straight outta… Nigeria

The new sneakers brand was created by Nigerian entrepreneur Babajide “Jide” Ipaye. He started his company by raising $20,000 through crowd-funding, after studying shoe production in the Netherlands. The shoes are fun and colorful, featuring African-inspired prints and sell for $59 online and in stores across Lagos. The manufacturing is located in Lagos, which creates jobs for many people in Lagos. In addition, Ipaye donates 10 percent of company profits to projects that help eliminate poverty.

IT meets footwear

Keexs is advertised as the first “Innovative and Social Oriented footwear brand in Africa.” Founder Ipaye founded and has been running an IT company in Nigeria for ten years. He wanted to incorporate technology into his passion for footwear. He went to the Netherlands to learn how to make sneakers at SLEM institute, the world’s leading school for innovative footwear design and manufacturing. The result was Keexs.

Giving back

It was important for Ipaye to create a company that would help others. His new shoe line is doing just that by creating jobs in the city of Lagos, where his manufacturing plant is located. But he wants to attract more investors and build a manufacturing facility in Nigeria.

For more information on Keexs, go to or follow them on Facebook at


The Craft on Montu is a program that is serving the Coachella Valley is offered by Mobile Natural Industries, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that provides naturopathic wellness fitness programs to underserved communities.

The Craft of Montu upholds actions based upon being wellness advocates of Love through helping self, especially the underserved communities.  The Craft of Montu also prepares efficient practicing advocates of natural laws of self-preservation, self-sustainment and preparedness.

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GOOGLE RACIAL JUSTICE, the charitable arm of Google, just announced it will provide $11.5 million in new funding to 10 racial justice organizations.

Justin Steele, principal at, explained the reasons for the influx of dollars to this cause, in a personal narrative on’s blog:

I’m the grandson of a Port of Seattle police officer, the nephew of a Washington State Trooper, and the son of a Snohomish County Detention Chief. The black men in my family were all engaged in some form of law enforcement, and throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen law enforcement officers be a force for good in communities. But I’ve also borne witness to injustices that have shaken my faith in our criminal justice system. In my work at, I help identify causes and organizations that aim to ultimately help correct many of these injustices.

Mass incarceration is a huge issue in the United States, and a major area of focus for our grants. The U.S. penal population has exploded, growing by 400% since 1984 to more than 2 million today, with black men sentenced at over five times the rate of white men. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world, dwarfing the rates of every developed country and even surpassing those in highly repressive regimes.

Videos of police shooting unarmed people of color have woken many of us up to the impact that racism and internalized bias have on black and brown communities. But we have almost no data on police behavior and criminal sentencing at a national level.

Funding will go to organizations focused not only on racial justice but on equitable treatment of people of color by law enforcement. Organizations receiving funding include Center for Policing Equity, Impact Justice, and Center for Employment Opportunities—one of several groups funded that work on supplying the previously incarcerated with marketable job skills.

Since 2015, has committed more than $5 million to nonprofits advancing racial justice. 


Lynn P., founder of Buy the Block

Denver, CO — Following the successful creation of ‘Buy The Block’ ( as well as the passionate contribution of the community towards ensuring that the movement’s goal of raising the sum of $60,000 is reached, founder and CEO Lynn P. is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of their new one-stop online crowd investing real estate investment platform, mid-April 2017.

“Even though we are not yet there, it is heart-warming to see black people across the U.S., unite as one to embrace and support this unique concept via their continued contribution. With their help, we’ve been able to raise $34,000+ an amount we are devoting towards the development of our website, app and buying our first block,” said Lynn. In the coming months, contributors will be taking advantage of some excellent features that will take everyone by storm. These unique offerings will be targeting the existing state of affairs and bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry.Suffice it to say that ‘Buy The Block’ aims to lead sponsors and developers in a significant number of investor’s projects if not all. This major factor in their operation distinguishes them from other crowd investing platforms. While loads of their competitors only handle third-party sponsored projects and front as mediators through the provision of technology to execute funding for outsourcing deal. Buy The Block has been able to carve a niche for itself by putting their money where their mouth is and spearheading their project development with the help of their in-house Block Development Success Managers.

Lynn comments, “Doing this has helped us to reduce risks to the barest minimum and increase investors’ returns. Furthermore, through the creation of a personalized portal per investor, we furnish each of them with frequent real-time investment updates. Our process will help us to earn their confidence without hassles.” With a team of sound and highly respected professionals, Buy The Block is on a mission to change the face of crowd investing real estate. By keeping each investor informed through the provision of regular updates, the company continues to endear itself into the heart of investors.

“We have a blueprint of what works, and it will produce results. We are here to stay and lead the way by making real investing easier than ever,” Lynn concluded. The campaign is still ongoing, and all are encouraged to submit their contributions at


Buy The Block
(513) 299-7941


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